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Meet Maria

Piano Instructor

Maria graduated from Musical College in Nizhni Novgorod as a pianist and piano teacher in 2011. During her studies, she was a participant in many concerts and festivals. She also played in a piano quartet which was highly awarded and took the first place in Quartet nomination at a chamber music competition in 2010. 

In 2012 Maria was admitted to Gnesin Academy of Music in Moscow for sound engineering and music theory program. She had a great experience with different musical aspects. She also had the courses of music composing which aided to the creation of some pieces she composed.  This time was filled with a lot of different activities, such as experiments with classical music.

Maria's passion has always been to teach music to new generations as she believed that it could change people's way of thinking and their emotional experiences. Therefore she started to give classes to students of different ages. She believes that piano lessons are developing such abilities as thinking creatively, better multitasking, learning and improving memory, in any kind of activity, whether at school or in daily life. At her lessons, Maria is helping young pianists to find themselves in their music individuality.

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