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About Exclusive Music Education


EME - a team of music experts

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We are a team of dedicated and talented music professionals who are here for a purpose: to open the world of music for the children and to guide them gently in this exciting journey. We are giving children music education they truly deserve and make the learning process enjoyable for them.         


We are performance-oriented music studio, which means that our children get to play in front of the public many times during the year: students recitals in school, video performances, performances in front of their families.

At one point in our lives, we were children too, so we know what fun brings to any activity you do! That is why our lessons always have this special element, that brings more smiles on children’s faces and makes the learning process more enjoyable and lighter in a way. 

Being professionally trained musicians we encourage the children who have enough time to practice at home to prepare for exams (ABRSM, Trinity), which helps them to have clearer goals and develop their skills in a bit more deliberate manner. 

Keeping in mind that our students live in the 21st century, we do not limit their programs to classical repertoire only! Our library includes a very good collection of jazz and modern music too for different ages and tastes. 

Larisa Capatina and Vitali Mihailiuc

Pianists. Piano Instructors. Founders and Managing Directors of Exclusive Music Education

Larisa Capatina and Vitali Mihailiuc have been at the foundation of Exclusive Music Education when it was just a company of two piano instructors. They both received their degrees in Music Education and Piano Performance from Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts, Moldova, and from  London College of Music, UK. Now they are enjoying teaching their students, and continue expanding their team of dedicated music instructors at EME Studios. At the same time, they are successfully pursuing their concert career as a Piano-Duo:


Larisa's and Vitali's professional music careers helped them to develop the special attitude to teaching: they clearly knew from the start - practicing and performing should be enjoyable, otherwise, it isn't worth a thing. Therefore they built up a music program that was meant to correspond to their major goal in teaching: it should become one of the biggest pleasures in students' lives, one of the most memorable "activities" they ever attended and were involved in back in their childhood. And the teachers were the ones to create this special media, where children thrive and develop musically and intellectually with each and every lesson.

Every member of EME team now is following the same idea and making this dream come true: we want our students to receive the best education by means of pure joy and excitement, teacher's encouragement and motivating repertoire, happy and supportive parents.


Welcome to our family! 


Get inspired by listening to L&V Piano Duo!

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