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Meet Lela

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Lela, Piano Instructor at Exclusive Music Education

Lela, Piano Instructor at Exclusive Music Education

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Piano Instructor

Lela is a devoted musician and experienced educator who has been sharing her love for music with students for years. Originally from Georgia, Lela's journey with music started when she was just 5 years old, and her passion for the piano has been unwavering ever since.

Lela's journey began at the School for Talented Musicians, where she laid the foundation for her musical career. She has a unique achievement to her name – at the age of 6, she played G. Handel's concerto with a Chamber Orchestra at the Conservatory. This early success marked the beginning of an exciting musical adventure.

Throughout her school years, Lela regularly performed with symphony orchestras and took part in school concerts, gaining valuable experience on the stage. Her repertoire is a rich collection of pieces from renowned composers like I.S. Bach, G. Handel, I. Haydn, L.V. Beethoven, W.A. Mozart, F. Schubert, F. Chopin, F. Liszt, D. Shostakovich, K. Debussy, M. de Falla, G. Gershwin, D. Brubeck, and many others.

After completing her studies, Lela continued to explore her passion at the Conservatory, where she earned her Diploma with distinction. She learned from accomplished pianists like Tengiz Amirejibi and Tengiz Amiridze, refining her skills and setting the stage for an impactful career.

Lela's dedication to music led her to become the first pianist in Georgia to perform Manuel De Falla's "Nights in the Gardens of Spain" with a Symphony Orchestra. This impressive feat highlighted her determination to push musical boundaries.

In addition to her achievements, Lela's journey includes diverse experiences like participating in the Contemporary Music Festival in Georgia and competing in the Piano Duet Competition in Munich. She also showcased her talent by performing a ballet suite by David Brubeck called "Points on Jazz," a rhythmic masterpiece for two pianos.

Lela's teaching journey began as a lecturer at the Music Department, where she led the Piano Duet Department for 8 years. As a Concertmaster, she nurtured emerging talents and performed in well-known concert halls in Tbilisi. Her performances are preserved in the Golden Archives of the University and can be enjoyed on YouTube.

Outside the classroom, Lela's passion extended to her role as the Head of Arts Department at a British school. She introduced students to the world of musical theater and music history through engaging stage productions, many of which you can find on YouTube.

Lela is also the founder of the Young Musician Society, a platform that helps talented artists build successful careers in music. Her commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians shines brightly.

For over a decade, Lela has been sharing her expertise with students in Dubai. Her experiences abroad have given her a unique perspective on music education and interacting with students from diverse backgrounds.

Lela is a passionate music educator with a wealth of experience and a genuine love for helping students discover the joy of music. Her journey is a testament to her dedication to the art of teaching and her desire to inspire young musicians. Your child will have the opportunity to learn from a seasoned pianist who is committed to their growth and success.

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