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Make up policy 

Dear Parents and Students,


At Exclusive Music Education, we value consistency and commitment to musical education. As part of our dedication to maintaining a structured and efficient learning environment, we have established a policy for makeup lessons. We kindly ask for your cooperation and understanding regarding the following guidelines:


Teaching by Terms and Non-Withdrawal of Lessons:

At EME, our lessons are structured and conducted by terms (please see the current calendar). Even though our lessons fees increased recently, we continue offering the old fees payable by the term at this time. If monthly payment is your only option, we can still offer that but with the 10% increase of the lesson fee. 

It's important to note that missed lessons due to a student's absence will not result in a withdrawal or reduction of scheduled lessons from the set term. We do not offer refunds or prorated fees for lessons missed due to a student's non-attendance for any reason.



Notification of Absence:

Please inform Vitali, or Joseena (our admin), in your Whatsapp group, at least 24 hours in advance if your child will miss a scheduled lesson. 

Informing your teacher is not considered to be a notice. 

In cases of unforeseen family or health emergencies in less than 24 hours prior to the lesson, exceptions may be considered.


Makeup Lesson Availability:

We understand the importance of continuity in music education. While we do not offer refunds or cancel scheduled lessons, we endeavor to provide makeup lessons when possible. Makeup lessons may be conducted with the same teacher, an alternative teacher of the same instrument, offered in live or online formats based on studio availability.

It's important to note that makeup lessons are an additional service we strive to accommodate. However, due to our teachers' demanding schedules, we cannot guarantee immediate availability.  


Rescheduling Options:

Please review the term calendar we sent to you and inform us of any dates that will be missed. This proactive communication enables us to arrange makeup lessons efficiently.


Notification Responsibility:

We do not provide reminders for makeup lessons or any schedule changes communicated in advance. We encourage you to diligently note both regular and makeup lesson timings in your calendar. To ensure timely attendance, setting personal reminders is highly recommended.


Exceptions for Teacher Absences:

In the unlikely event that a teacher is unable to conduct a scheduled lesson, the makeup lesson will be rescheduled at a mutually agreed-upon time or offered with the same or an alternative qualified instructor.


Canceled make-up lessons:

If you cancel your scheduled make-up lesson for any reason the lesson will be forfeited and will not be rescheduled.  


No show:

We are unable to fill your teacher's time with no notice, therefore no-show is forfeited and will not be rescheduled.


Exceptional cases:

In case of poor weather conditions that do not allow the teachers/students to travel to the lessons we offer online lessons at the same day and time instead. 


Policy Regarding Discontinuation of Lessons:

In the event that a student decides to discontinue music lessons at Exclusive Music Education, please note that we uphold a 4 weeks advance notice policy for any prepaid or scheduled lessons be refunded after the notice period. We kindly request advance notice if you intend to terminate lessons to allow us to wrap up any pending makeup sessions or administrative matters. 



We appreciate your cooperation and understanding regarding our makeup lesson policy. Our aim is to provide the best possible musical education experience for your child, and your support in adhering to these guidelines is invaluable.


Should you have any queries or require further clarification regarding our policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for entrusting us with your child's musical journey.

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