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Group KG1 Music and Piano Lessons

Ignite your child's curiosity and foster a lifelong love for music with our vibrant 45-minute group music class, specially designed for KG1 children. Presented by Exclusive Music Education, this engaging class promises to introduce your little ones to the joyous world of music in an interactive and dynamic setting.


About the Class:


In this enriching group music class, children will embark on a captivating journey into the realm of music. Our approach is grounded in fostering a deep appreciation for music while nurturing creativity and exploration.


Key Highlights:


1. Rhythmic Adventures: Through exciting rhythm-based games and activities, children will develop a sense of pulse, rhythm, and coordination, enhancing their overall musicality.


2. Introduction to Instruments: While the primary focus is on a general music education experience, our class also incorporates basic piano elements. Your child will have the chance to explore the piano, gaining familiarity with its enchanting sounds and playing techniques.


3. Musical Storytelling: Through musical storytelling, children will participate in bringing stories to life using their voices, instruments, and creative movement.


4. Sensory Engagement: Our class encourages sensory exploration, allowing children to experience the joy of music through tactile and auditory activities.


5. Creative Expression: With a small class size limited to four children, each child will have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, building confidence and self-esteem.


Class Details:


- Duration: 45 minutes per session

- Group Size: Maximum of 4 children per group

- Age Group: KG1 students

- Location: on campus

- Instructor: Dedicated and experienced music educators


At Exclusive Music Education, we believe that every child is a budding musician. Join our group music class and provide your child with the gift of music education that sparks imagination, cultivates cognitive skills, and lays a strong foundation for future musical pursuits.


Limited spots are available. Enroll your child today for an unforgettable musical journey that will inspire, engage, and delight!

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