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Prepare for the renowned piano exams with EME

90% Distinction score exam rating!

Practice on campuses of the American School of Dubai and the Swiss International School

ABRSM, Trinity, LCM, you name it

  • High-profile instructors;

  • All levels and grades, including diplomas;

  • Preparation guides and plans on how to become a successful exam-taker;

  • Exam rating is among the highest in Dubai

  • Over 10 years in the Dubai market

  • Teachers possess Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music performance and teaching

  • Partnered with top-rated schools in Dubai (American School of Dubai, Swiss International School)

  • Prepare for exams,  participate in piano recitals and talent shows


Why take music exams?

  • Add more value to your college application

  • Work on your goal-setting, focus, and determination

  • Move your piano performance to a much higher level, than just playing simple songs

  • Become a well-rounded musician (by extensively developing such skills  as sight reading, aural, technics, and musical knowledge)

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A message from our founder, Vitali Mihailiuc

Omaima, parent

"We have had the most amazing journey with EME so far. Lynda and Rudy have had incredibly talented teachers and have rocketed over the past few years thanks to their wonderful approach. I highly recommend EME."

Piano and Guitar student's parent

"Both teachers we work with are fantastic. Talented musicians and very good with kids - we are very pleased with the program." 

Christina, parent

"Oleg has such a nice demeanor with my daughter. He is patient and works to keep her motivated, such as anecdotes about the composers and trying new songs that interest her. Our goal is for her to continue playing throughout her life for enjoyment, and so far, so good!"

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