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Piano Lessons

Piano lessons at EME.png

Our private and semi-private, piano buddy classes, are tailored for each student's needs: we want to make sure that your lessons are not only of high educational quality but also truly enjoyable. 

  • Fun and enjoyable classes built around children, not around teaching methods

  • Participation in public performances

  • Preparation for exams (ABRSM, Trinity) 

  • Any level, 4yo to adults

  • Professional Music Instructors

Our piano instructors

Mary, EME piano and vocal instructor.jpg

Mary Iles

Piano Instructor


Zhanyl Duishekeeva

Polina, EME piano teacher.jpg

Polina Khachkova

Piano Instructor

Vitali, EME Founder and Managing director.jpg

Vitali Mihailiuc

Piano Instructor, Founder of EME


Piano Instructor

Maria, EME piano structor.jpg

Maria Bednova

Online Piano Instructor

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