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Meet Oleg

Guitar Instructor

Oleg is an experienced acoustic and electric guitar player and a bright guitar teacher.


Since childhood, Oleg dreamed of becoming a musician, because of his love of guitar music, which began as a hobby and blossomed into a lifelong career. Oleg began performing in a school band when he was 14 years old, which prepared him to become the guitarist for the most popular band in his town. While performing shows in his area, Oleg received education (Classical guitar) at the local music school, and later at Institute of Culture in Minsk city, Belarus. After studying in the institute, he worked as a guitar and drum teacher for 12 years in local College. 

In 1999 Oleg began his professional carrier as an international lead guitarist, performing in many bands. At the same time, he used his education and practical experience to create innovative study methods giving private lessons to children and adults of different levels. His extensive experience in both teaching and performing all popular styles of music gives Oleg the unique ability to both gauge and direct his students efficiently toward obtaining their musical goals. Oleg’s individual approach toward each student and his ability to decipher and build on both the strengths and weaknesses of his pupils provide a well-rounded education with a solid foundation. 

Oleg pays special attention to creativity, both in composition and improvisation. He ensures that his students completely understood the material they study and that they achieve performance quality with every selected piece of music. Oleg engages his students, encouraging them always to ask questions, as he considers their musical growth and development to be one of his main instructional purposes as their teacher. His method ensures that his students receive a well-balanced education that they would not achieve without proper instruction. In addition to his professional approach toward the training process, Oleg creates a comfortable atmosphere based on understanding and goodwill during his lessons. He is always eager to support and encourage his students to achieve their individual musical goals. 

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