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Oleg Garaev came from Yekateringburg, the capital of the Urals in Russia. He graduated from Tchaikovsky Music College in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Jazz. In 2012 he became a first-degree award winner in jazz performance at the Second Open Interregional Composers’ Competition where he played his own jazz compositions in a jazz trio.


In 2013-2014 Oleg fulfilled the FLTA Fulbright program in the United States. He worked and studied at Wheaton College in Norton. And as a part of this program, he managed to take a course on Music Composition with a brilliant professor Delvyn Case who helped Oleg develop his music composition skills. As a result of this course, Oleg composed sheet music called ‘New Variations’ for a string quartet.

Since 2009 Oleg has been working as a piano teacher and accompanist. In his piano teaching practice, he tries to focus on such necessary skills as basic improvisation, composing, playing music by ear, etc. Oleg also strives to introduce students to contemporary jazz, cinematic and academic music. And at the lessons, he always plays music games, listens to music, solves quizzes, improvises and is having fun together with his students.

However, Oleg believes that the main priorities in teaching piano are such abilities as good sight-reading skills, the ability to interpret a musical composition, and of course finger dexterity. At his lessons, he tries to combine scales and technical studies with popular and classical compositions. In doing so a student develops all the necessary abilities to sight-read music, to interpret and understand the details of a musical composition, to interpret a piece of music, and eventually to play it with confident fingers.

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