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Make up policy (ASD)​

In case when your child has to miss the lesson for any reason, please kindly give us at least 2 days advance notice that a lesson will be missed to insure that a make up lesson is given at no additional charge. We will do our best to allocate the make up lesson when a shorter notice was given due to a student’s illness or family emergency.

Important: If a student did not come for the make up for any reason this lesson is considered to be done.

Please remember that there are no refunds for missed lessons and no cancellations. We might consider a refund in exceptional cases (like family emergency or hospitalization), and it will exclude 15% that was paid by Exclusive Music Education to American School of Dubai as well as 5% VAT. 

If we cancel a lesson for any reason, we will make-up that lesson on a time and day that works for you.

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